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Hey there!  Welcome and thanks for stopping by.

I got the idea to start this blog from a journalism class I took last semester.  The course was called Writing for Online Publications and was taught by the tech-savvy professor, Seth C. Lewis.  I learned a lot about Web 2.0 technologies and how new media is changing the landscape of journalism (if you’re a j-student at UT, I recommend taking this course).

My initial thought was that this blog would be a great way to keep a journal of my travels to show my family and friends as I serve my year as the Texas Watermelon Queen.  However, I realized shortly thereafter that my blog could reach a much wider audience and could also serve as a platform to promote the Texas watermelon industry.

So here it is!

Right now my blog includes information about myself, the Texas Watermelon Association queen program, and links to my Flickr photos and Twitter account.  As the year goes on, I hope to post more pictures and information about the different trips I will take on my promotional tour.  So keep your eyes peeled for more posts because my year is about to get really busy.  And I can’t wait!


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